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Arts & traditions workshops of Rajasthan

Arts & traditions workshops of Rajasthan

€1250 per person

An artistic journey in the land of kings

Rajasthan has a rich cultural heritage that manifests itself through several artistic traditions.


Miniature painting, introduced in India in the 16th century by the Mughals from Persia is an art still alive in Rajasthan. Several cities continue this ancestral tradition like Udaipur, the city of lakes, Bundi and the Shekhawati region.


Udaipur also has the distinction of perpetuating another ancient tradition: the Sanjhi or ‘painting on water’, which finds its origin in the Hindu religion. It consists of creating drawings on the water using finely cut stencils that are filled with coloured powders. This art traditionally depicts the mythological legends of India and especially those of Lord Krishna.  The Sanjhi, which has gradually fallen out of use, has nevertheless evolved into contemporary forms of great creativity, which are exhibited in the best art galleries in India.


Block-printing is also a well-established craft in Rajasthan.  This special form of printing would have been developed for the first time in China.  The earliest known example is a copy of the Diamond Sutra from 868 AD (presently in the British Museum), although it is thought that the practice of block-printing is probably older than two thousand years.


For you to discover these traditions, we have created a trip combining initiation workshops in the arts of Rajasthan and a tour to several local sites of interest.

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Day 1

Arrival in Udaipur, the city of lakes

Namaste! We welcome you warmly at the airport and drive you to your hotel on the shores of the Pichola Lake. Overnight in Udaipur in a heritage hotel.
Day 2

Visit of Udaipur and Sanjhi workshop

We will start the day with a walk around the Pichola lake and then we will attend a workshop of Sanjhi or 'painting on the water'. The process of creating the sandhi drawing is a form of meditation in itself offering a real moment of introspection like the mandalas in Buddhism. After a typical Rajasthani lunch, we will visit the city palace and Jagdish temple. In the evening, we will attend a dance show in a center in Udaipur. Overnight in Udaipur in a heritage hotel.
Day 3

Udaipur tour and cooking workshop

Free time in the morning and then, around 11 am, we will leave for a cooking workshop where the basics of Indian gastronomy will be unveiled. Lunch will be taken on site. During the day, we will stroll in the bazars of Udaipur; each street has its specificity: saris and chourias (bangles), jewellers or ironworkers. Overnight in Udaipur in a heritage hotel.
Day 4

Ghoomar dance workshop

In the morning, we will visit the Bahu temples a few kilometers from Udaipur and then the Queen's gardens and the royal cenotaphs. In the afternoon, you will attend a 'ghoomar' class, one of the most typical dances of Rajasthan, given by a dancer who has performed on the biggest international stages. Free time. Overnight in Udaipur in a heritage hotel.
Day 5

Miniature painting workshop in Udaipur and trip to Jaipur

In the morning, one of the best miniaturist painters of Udaipur will introduce you to this ancestral art of Rajasthan, which requires patience and thoroughness. After lunch, we say goodbye to the city of lakes and leave for Jaipur, the pink city. Overnight in Jaipur in a heritage hotel.
Day 6

Visit of Jaipur, the pink city

After breakfast, we will explore the city of the Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II. We will visit the bustling bazars of the city, the palace of the wind, the royal palace and the Jantar Mantar observatory. After lunch, we will leave for Amber which was the former capital of Jaipur and we will visit its elegant palace as well as Hindu temples and an ingenious stepwell. En route to Jaipur, we will stop at the picturesque Jal Mahal (the palace on the water) to take some shots. Overnight in Jaipur in a heritage hotel.
Day 7

Jaipur and blockprinting workshop

We will carry on the visit of Jaipur and then, we will go to a traditional village for an initiation to the block printing. In the evening, we will take the road towards the Nahargarh fort to watch the sunset and have a panoramic view of the pink city. Overnight in Jaipur in a heritage hotel.
Day 8

Jaipur - Mandawa (Shekhawati)

The artistic journey continues in the Shekhawati region, aptly named 'the open gallery of Rajasthan'. Shekhawati was in the 18th and 19th centuries one of the most prominent regions of Rajasthan. The opulence of the Marwaris merchants allowed them to build large mansions lined inside and outside of sumptuous frescoes, true masterpieces mixing Hindu mythology and elements of everyday life. We arrive in Mandawa for lunch. In the afternoon we will visit the beautiful havelis (mansions) of Mandawa. Overnight in Mandawa in a heritage hotel.
Day 9

Mandawa - Nawalgarh

During this second day in the Shekhawati region, we will go to Nawalgarh, a nearby city and visit its splendid havelis. In the afternoon, we will attend a miniature painting workshop given by one of the most renowned artists of Rajasthan. We will also go to and see traditional potters and hand dye workshops. Overnight in Mandawa in a heritage hotel.
Day 10

Mandawa - Lohargarh - Mandawa

This last day in the Shekhawati region will be dedicated to the visit of Lohargal, a pearl nestled in the heart of the Aravalli Mountains, between banyans and century-old mango trees. Lohargal is a high place of pilgrimage that houses a temple dedicated to the sun god (Surya); its sacred basin attracts a considerable crowd of pilgrims. Back to Mandawa. Last night in Mandawa.
Day 11

End of the trip

From Mandawa, you can choose to carry on your trip in Rajasthan with us or we can drive you to Delhi. Looking forward to meeting you again. Namaste.
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