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Gujarat, a cultural & ethnic journey

Gujarat is a state located in northwestern India, bordered by Pakistan in its northern part. This region is not yet very touristy so that at certain times of the year, you will not meet any foreign visitors; This is also what gives it its charm!

And yet, Gujarat does not lack centres of interest, it is endowed with a rich heritage including fabulous monuments like the temple of the Sun of Modhera or the Patan stepwell or the site of Champaner classified World Heritage of humanity.

On the sacred side, there are a plethora of sights, among the most important are the enigmatic Jain temples of Palitana, the highly venerated city of Lord Krishna in Dwarka, the lingam of light of Somnath and the Dattatraya temple of the Mount Girnar, one for the brave of heart as it is reached after a climb of 9,999 steps exactly.

Gujarat is also home to the Rann of Kutch, one of the world’s largest salt deserts, the last refuge of the wild Indian donkey.  In this same region, there is an incredible kaleidoscope of ethnic groups who have developed their own customs and traditions.

A selection of three tours in Gujarat to inspire you, but we can of course create your very own itinerary.  

Inspirations in Gujarat

Here is a selection of tours in Tamil Nadu to inspire you, but we can of course design any trip in this state. Contact us to create the trip of your dreams!

Ethnic journey to meet the different people of Gujarat. From Poshina at the north of the state to the Kutch region at the southwest and through the visit of places of interest : Modhera sun temple, Patan and Ahmedabad.
14 days
Grand cultural tour to the most beautiful sites of Gujarat: the amazing havelis of Siddhpur, Sun temple of Modhera, the step well of Patan, the archaeological sites of Champaner then Ahmedabad, Palitana and Junagad.
12 days
Journey to the most sacred sites of Gujarat: Pavagadh the ancient site of the goddess Kali, Palitana and its hundreds Jain temples, Somnath and its most revered lingam of light, Girnar and its sacred hill and Dwarka, home of Lord Krishna.
12 days
This 24-day trip takes you to the lands of the fascinating Rabari community in Rajasthan and Gujarat to discover the very specific culture of this people with very ancient roots
24 days
A timeless 7-day trip that brings together the festivals of Bhagoriya, Holi and Kavant on the lands of the Rathwa adivasi community in the states of Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh
7 days

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Merveilles du Karnataka

"Lors de notre voyage au Karnataka j’ai découvert des lieux et temples vraiment fabuleux. Les homestays était tous différents avec à chaque fois un accueil chaleureux dans des endroits très calmes pour un repos bien mérité. Notre chauffeur, Raj était toujours à l’écoute pour nos demandes et disponible. Ce voyage avec Mathini Travel nous a permis de découvrir plein de beaux endroits à l’écart des zones trop touristiques.”

Lise Vannesse


"We are back home after exciting time in India. I am grateful to Mathini Travel for expert tour arrangements which commenced on October 7, 2019. We did Maharastra and Vrindavan and Mathura. We didn’t have much idea about where and how to do the tour. Mathini took the interest to organize the tours with minor details. For example arranged the days of tour accommodating closing days of Ellora and Ajanta Caves. We wouldn’t have done such pleasant tour without her. She was very flexible about payments. Our flight which we booked at the end of the tour was postponed by a day, but she made sure the Airport transport was rearranged for our convenience. My past tour of Rajasthan with her prompted me to get her help again. I have no doubt that she has great first hand knowledge and expertise of touring India. I look forward to next trip with her! Wishing her Best in her Tour services."

Apputhury Praisoody (Florida, USA)


"Traveling with Mathini is meeting a culture still preserved and share moments of emotion and laughter in this welcoming and always surprising India"

Henriette Palavioux (France)


“A top-level organisation! Mathini listened to my expectations and created me a complete itinerary to fully enjoy this wonderful country and we were in constant contact to readjust the programme. I highly recommend Mathini Travel that will totally be listening to you."

Thierry Deleage (France)


"Mathini guided us during our trip in Gujarat and thanks to her knowledge, her dynamism, her listening, we were able to discover a more intimate India, thank you for everything."

Margot Hennessen (FRANCE)


Mathini understood our needs as photographers and prepared a tailor-made tour that filled all our expectations and with a very reasonable budget! We visited the desert of Thar, off-the-beaten track and discover authentic villages with people of extraordinary kindness. From an organizational point of view, everything went perfectly, no false notes! We will never forget this trip, thank you again, Mathini, we will come back for sure and we are already recommending your agency to our friends.

Annick BARRAS (France)